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RAALC’s journey began in 2013, when it was co-founded in the Emirate of Sharjah. Our success continued through years and we opened our two newbranches in Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai, which in 2018, became our headquarter.

RAALC is a conglomeration of three zealous legal companies, Sughra Salem Bin Sarm Partners Advocate & Legal Consultants LLC, the advocate company, Abd Alaziz Al Khemeiri Advocates – Sole Establishment and RAALC Consultancy. The three companies with equivalent vision, work in consonance and towards a joint purpose of excelling in all the legal forefronts.

The tradition of excellence recognised and intended by the founders continues to this very day. RAALC has cultivated a fantastic reputation for excellence over a collective experience of 30 years. Our core determination is creating partnerships that engross the clients in a peaceful mind where we take care of the zealous representation and expert advice.

We started out with core litigation practice, and after that, it grew to encompass the umbrella of experience, such as corporate, commercial, banking and finance, restructuring and restructuring of business, exit strategy, and the list goes on. We carry the long-standing tradition of excellence with experience and innovation in the legal practice together with community leadership and skills for addressing the clients’ concerns.

RAALC endeavours on a future perspective of intending on spanning globally in international jurisdictions, with revolutionary operations. We create long lasting connections with legal professionals from round the globe.

We have noticed a remarkable growth in the blockchain industry and artificial intelligence (AI) and we are putting it to thrive in our mechanisms.We envision our company as a smart-law firm that is focused on creating amazing client experiences, adopting a culture of change and using technology to empower greater efficiency.

We seek to become UAE’s first smart-law firm!

With the everlasting standing in the industry, RAALC strives to continue to grow in the legal field.



Transformational solutions at the intersection of business, technology and rampant opportunity.

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Industry Leaders

Industry Leaders We serve…We learn… RAALC stands out from the mainstream ideology and encloses on the philosophy of learning from the industry experts. We firmly believe that “when one teaches, two learn”. RAALC’s congregation of clientele brings out the best in us, with exemplary management. We turn ourselves to them who have specifically improved our work. We bestow our clients with the opportunity to share their voices and certainly thrive to feel empowered to make our choices.

Our highlights

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How we do it

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Technology is our means, humanity is our foundation. We embrace a set of values that power our results, shape our culture, and lead to strong relationships inside our company and out.

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