ABOUT Pleading department

A group of highly experienced and competent Emirati advocates

Pleading department

RAALC’s Pleading Department comprises of a group of highly experienced and competent lawyers and advocates who are licensed and act on behalf in the capacity of the plaintiff, defendant, appellee and appellant at the local and Federal courts all over the United Arab Emirates at all thedegrees.The Pleading Department spans to the representation at the DIFC Courts, UAE Arbitration Centres as well as the Rental Disputes Committees.

Characterized by the attributes of perseverance and sincerity, the team enjoys the art of dialogue and advocacy of a cause at the judicial system, where they are experts in establishing a stand before the authorities, through delivering and exercising immense patience. It is great at heeding and understanding the position of the opponent, scrutinising their submissions and presenting a tailored solution and argument before the judge and portray a constant act of persuasiveness and convincing capabilities, which enhance the strong beliefs and trusts within the clients. The Pleading Department works in close collaboration with the clients, analysing every single detail of the case and defending their stance before the adjudicating authority. They present the facts in writing and verbally to the UAE competent offices for their clients. The advocates are connoisseurs in articulating on hearing sessions, conduct examination-in-chief and cross-examination of witnesses’ testimony and analyse the evidences.

The advocates in the Pleading Department work in consonance with the clients for having a better knowledge of their expectations for fulfilling their requirements in the lawsuit.



We set the highest standards in ethics and work in a timely and efficient manner to provide you with the best legal advice possible. We strive to deliver effective legal solutions tailored to the client’s requirements and needs within the selected practice area. We aim to expand our services and expertise across the globe while refining our techniques and capabilities with evolving technological advancement.

What Do We Offer

The advocates of this department attend the hearings and defend the clients in courts either through physical appearance or via video conference. They work in close collaboration with the client, analyzing every weakness and strength of the case and supporting their position in the lawsuit. They have great command on both their native language of Arabic and universal language of English.

How We do it

Pleadings Department oversees the defence of the client’s legal position in all stages in front of the UAE court and judicial system.It prides on formed and run by the top and credible Emirati advocates. The primary work of our advocates is to articulate on hearings before the courts, do cross-examination of evidence and witness’ testimony and to present the case file in front of the prosecutors and trial courts. Pleading Department also provides legal aid and advice to help our clients with their cases. The job of our advocates is to deal with every detail and aspect involved in trial execution, preparation and post-trial work
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