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Department deals with debt collection services collecting debts efficiently and in a timely manner

Debt collection department

The Debt Recovery Department at RAALC has been introduced with the intention of assisting the clientele with the procedures and techniques to recover the unpaid debts in a timely and orderly manner. We understand that the debt collection process is lengthy and time consuming. At RAALC, we devise a thoughtful strategy and believe in an amicable solution to retrieve the outstanding debts.

It functions not merely as a debt collector; it goes above and beyond to provide the clients with various solutions. Our extensive experience and knowledge enable us to serve the clients in many areas. The experts in RAALC’s Debt Recovery Department are great negotiators, and experts in consolidation, management and settlement in an amicable manner.

They have developed an acute characteristic of communication and convincing skills to recover the unpaid debts.They have great bargaining power, exhibit vigorous negotiations skills and persuading nature which is top notch to reach increased profits. The Department considers its top most priority of collecting the debts as well as increased profits. The crew apprises the client of all the potential solutions to achieve a successful debt recovery with the intentions of avoiding litigation. They conduct a detailed screening of the other party along with theexamination of commercial transactions such as outstanding billings and invoices and/or bounced cheques.The lawyers are also licensed to take international action through Interpol as per State’s law and convention between the foreign countries and the UAE. With each case being different and challenging, a different negotiation method is put to use to bargain and negotiate to achieve a successful recovery of the outstanding debt.



We set the highest standards in ethics and work in a timely and efficient manner to provide you with the best legal advice possible. We strive to deliver effective legal solutions tailored to the client’s requirements and needs within the selected practice area. We aim to expand our services and expertise across the globe while refining our techniques and capabilities with evolving technological advancement.

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