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Helps industries and businesses to protect intellectual property rights.


Here at RAALC, we work with all types and categories of industries and businesses to protect their intellectual property rights. We provide you with comprehensive intellectual property rights protection services, ranging from the attainment of a trademark to registration of patent and design. We ensure the protection of intellectual assets while providing our clients with a maximum competitive advantage.

Our Expertise

We offer you one of the simplest and highly affordable trademark protections and registration processes. All you have to do is submit your inquiry with the preferred trademark class, and our specialist will advise you with the process, documentation and cost estimation. Making trademark registration easier for you is our goal here at RAALC.. VIEW MORE
Copyrights are an integral a part of any artist’s career. For those wishing to start out a production company in UAE, it's a requirement to have knowledge of this copyright laws. there's a strong need to protect the authentic works of authors, singers, etc.. VIEW MORE
A patent is a right granted to an inventor by the govt which allows the inventor of a product or a process that gives to exclude others from making, selling or using the invention for a limited period.. VIEW MORE

Our Highlights

Consisting of some of the best and highly professional legal advisors and local advocates, RAALC offers full-time commercial and corporate legal solutions and dispute settlements. Focused on developing longterm and strong relations with our clients, we at RAALC believe in the values of reliability, morality, consistency and accountability.


We set the highest standards in ethics and work in a timely and efficient manner to provide you with the best legal advice possible. We strive to deliver effective legal solutions tailored to the client’s requirements and needs within the selected practice area. We aim to expand our services and expertise across the globe while refining our techniques and capabilities with evolving technological advancement.

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