RAALC, the premier law firm in the UAE, introduces innovative and brand-new legal services at consistent intervals, intending to offer an expanded arena of service area to our esteemed clientele. RAALC offers its clients excellently structured services that are  developed in consideration of the constantly changing rules and regulations and are customized as tailor-made to suit the business needs of its clients.

RAALC acknowledges and recognizes your business. Right from structuring your business and restructuring it and even the exit strategy. Legal assistance is one of the primaries when running a business successfully. A portfolio of customized solutions is designed wherein our clients have a bundle to choose from. Like legal consultation, debt collection, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, drafting and vetting of documents.

Corporate giants experience immense fulfillment and growth when their legal needs are taken care by RAALC. At every step, RAALC ensures the utmost results for the clients.

We serve…We learn…

Your own Corporate Counsel

A corporation needs counsel, who assesses your business and its aspects. RAALC, as an internal corporate counsel, identifies the industry of the client… from the commencement of the business as well as during the course of operations.

RAALC offers dedicated legal services under corporate counsel…we offer in-house lawyer capacity services wherein our lawyer will act as a legal counsel for the client company garnering the needs of the client to achieve ultimate gratification. Our in-house counsel services are customized explicitly in a distinct way from engaging outsourced lawyers.

You will have access to multi-experience professionals, who have a thorough knowledge of the procedures and the rules and legislations. RAALC assimilates the company culture thereby offering precise legal guidance. RAALC comprehends a wider scenario of legal matters, where, it is privy to all the issues as well as its consequences. The corporate counsel is in a unique position to not only examine the concerns at hand but also foresee any potential abruptments that may arise.

RAALC’s corporate counsel presents focused specialists who are always at your disposal. Conventionally speaking, any legal concern that is taken care of at the earliest occasion, aids the corporation to evade the superfluous escalation of issues, benefiting in the preserving valuable time and money and helps in constant growth.

Structuring your Business

Starting your own business?

It is well said that UAE is one of the globe’s prestigious corporate and commercial centers. UAE stands on a keen vision to offer supportive developments for the fast-paced corporate structures. It warmly welcomes expatriates from across the globe to start their entrepreneurial journeys.

One of the most key decisions to be taken when structuring your business is to choose the most efficient and favorable structure. The businesses have to take into consideration the long term and short-term objectives, the inherent risks attached to the businesses, the taxation, and regulatory.

RAALC outlined a Business Structuring profile encompassing a start to end organization for your business covering legal compliance of UAE laws and regulations, taxation, governmental registrations, and statutory requirements. Be it internal company agreements, regulating relationships between employer-employee, suppliers, clients, we are there at your service. RAALC structures your company from scratch. RAALC will assist in complete setup and forming your business existence in the UAE not only in the mainland but also in the free zone.

RAALC entails to work out a system where a comprehensive blueprint of legal knowledge is put into consideration when forming a business. RAALC focuses on making the foundation of the business structure solid for better growth and development.

Finance your lawsuit with us

RAALC’s Credit Facility is a financial tool that is available to the clients who desire to pursue legal action in certain matters. Lawsuits are expensive and might advance gradually.

A credit facility is legal funding where the client does not pay the professional fees and the out of pocket expenses until the complete enforcement and collection of the claim. RAALC bears the entire risk associated and the expenses that are borne during the course of litigation.


Legal risk is definitely in the limelight. Corporates face challenging business environments with exposures to reputations and financial losses. As the business grows, the risk grows too.

In 2019, RAALC launched “RAALCsurance”, a facility wherein legal risk management is afforded for matters for avoiding potential disputes and litigation. With this, we strive to provide legal security to your businesses.

RAALC identifies, processes, and assesses, evaluates, controls potential pitfalls and risks in a corporate set up leading to monitoring and control of the risks. We strategize to avert the risk associate with a particular legal dispute for up to 95%.

A detailed risk profile is created in consultation with the key members of the company to identify the present and potential risks. RAALCsurance offers compliance services ranging to the UAE laws, legislations, rules and regulations, entire audit of not only company documents but also documents related to commercial transactions, and due diligence of the parties involved to avoid any sort of risk.

RAALC’s Legal Training

RAALC offers complete legal training with courses specially customized for corporate giants.

The legal experts, who are the trainers, at RAALC strategizes a structured module to effectuate the legal training. The training is offered, swiftly, on a tailored topic on the UAE rules and regulations, suited best to the needs of the clients. The topics cover domestic laws and legislations and legal fundamentals.

Structure your Credits with RAALC

Having a customer who is not paying your invoice?

The structuring of the credits encompasses bargaining and negotiations with your debtors, in the UAE and overseas, demanding expedited payments of the company credits by either way of payment plan or a formal agreement.

RAALC evaluates the matter, analyses the debtor behavior, understanding their conduct, and stand in the market. RAALC effectuate a streak of communication with the debtor by facilitating healthy negotiations to accord an amicable settlement to retrieve the debts. Once the settlement is final, the agreement is formalized with the terms and conditions which is binding and has legal power.

RAALC ensures that your best interests are maintained and the business relationship with the defaulting entity is not hampered and at the same time safeguard the image and the reputation of the client in the industry.

RAALC’s Corporate Governance

RAALC’s Corporate Governance advisory is manifold, with document drafting, audit, and vetting to compliance services.

We assist in the review and analysis process for a wide range of documents, agreements, contracts, terms and conditions, policies, and many more.

RAALC’s expertise also covers the drafting and vetting of along with the audits and amendments to the documents which are made reserving the rights and best interests of the Clients following the UAE laws and regulations.

An end to end compliance services by RAALC covers the appropriate application of the rules and policies to the businesses. RAALC ensures the apposite acquiescence of the labor laws, companies’ law, and the commercial transactions law, to avoid government, commercial, and other party violations or any loss at the market.

RAALC safeguards the procedural applicability of the rules, for instance, for export and import transactions, assuring the registration of the exclusive distribution agreements at the Ministry of Economy, transactions with the suppliers, registration of a trademark, and many more.

Exit Strategies for your Business

RAALC Law Firm offers legal solutions for an exit plan specially customized for each company and situation. We work on identifying and devising ways to circumvent cases of bankruptcy and liquidation by determining all the possible legal solutions which are apart from the scope of the court.

  • Bankruptcy:

Many businesses fail to realize the full benefits of the current rules and regulations governing the bankruptcy procedures. Filing for bankruptcy through court is a great way to get out from under burdensome debt, and corporate giants feel a tremendous sense of relief when their bankruptcy case is over. RAALC specializes in this process and assists in contributing to the final solution of the debt issue and minimize the negative consequences that may arise during the process.

  • Liquidation:

RAALC assists in liquidation procedures for the distressed companies or companies who have fulfilled their objective of not only in the mainland but also in the free zone established companies. RAALC assists the liquidation proceedings with the start to end formalities.

Restructuring of Business

When it comes to the restructuring of the business, RAALC’s strategy stands differently!

The legal experts at RAALC, before making any decisions, do thorough auditing and assurance of the company to break down the debts and the capital through the review of the company’s annual books of accounts and financial statements, figuring out this way the actual needs and requirements of the company.

Corporate structuring is motivated by a change in the existing organization’s business model or financial adjustments to the assets and liabilities. Restructuring ranges to whether the company needs a new merger or acquisition or project into a new partnership or even a joint venture, RAALC will assist you.

Our main goal is to bring the distressed company back on track with the usual operations. RAALC focuses on resolving the concerns with the due debt and conducting thorough compliance and diligence on the assets and liabilities.

RAALC’s corporate restructuring gives a clear direction and focuses on reduced operating costs and improved cash management. Debt is restructured with better financial terms and enhanced organization of people and efficient leadership.

Taxation and Accounting Services

We offer bespoke tax advisory service & meet the clients’ expectations according to the guidelines framed by the UAE Federal Tax Authority.

At RAALC, our FTA Approved Tax Agent helps you navigate through the increasingly complex tax environment.

  • VAT health check & Compliance
  • VAT Impact Assessment and Implementation
  • VAT Registration and De-registration
  • Internal and External Audit
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk Advisory

Our team of accountants, payroll specialists, and tax advisors provide comprehensive assistance, starting with the selection of the right ownership structure & forms of running the business, effective financing, safe investment & optimal exit strategy.

  • Monthly Management Reporting
  • IFRS Technical Support
  • Cloud Computing
  • Part-Time Accounts / Finance Manager




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