Our Services
  • Risk Analysis

    Once we receive the case our legal advisors shall study the case based on the information provided by the client . Within 7 days of receiving all documents and information they shall carry out a complete risk analysis of the case and shall provide the client with a complete vision about the case and the legal position.

    Risk analysis shall include the following :

      -  Complete and detailed explanation about the case

      -  Complete analysis of the legality of each document submitted by the client 

      -  Best possible solutions and recommendations. 


  • Online Services

    Our clients can access the details of their case 24/7 through our enhanced web interface using their login details . All our clients shall be provided with a user name and password and hence have access to our website 24 /7 in order to be able to find out all the information about the status of the case and the latest updates. They shall be able to log on to our website to follow up on their own lawsuits and find out the latest updates and status of the lawsuit. As well as being able to have access to all the documents and memoranda submitted by both parties. 

  • SMS Services

    All our clients will be notified of the dates and timings of all court hearings and sessions 24 hours prior to the scheduled dates of hearing. The client shall receive a notification SMS for any court ruling, judgment or court order. 

  • e - follow up

    The client shall also receive periodically e-mails about all the actions taken, documents submitted and the court rulings. 

  • Dial service

    All the clients shall be receiving a telephone call to inform them about the latest status of the lawsuit and any future court hearings, requirements or required documents. 

  • Fax Services

    All the updates shall be communicated to the clients by fax.


  • legal Counsultancies - office visit

    To set up an appointment or arrange for a meeting with our legal advisors you can log in to the following link on our website. Our legal consultants shall provide legal advice free of charge. 

  • Legal Consultancies - free of charges via the website

    A special link is available on our website where all visitors can log in and fill up an application or register a legal query

    based on the information provided; the clients shall receive legal advice from our advisors within 48 hours free of charges 


  • Documents' Legal Translation service

    Our office shall provide all the legal translation of all documents free of charge.

  • Courier Services

    In order to save time we provide our clients with delivery of original documents via courrier.